Happy Monday, sexy ladies and gentlemens.

Normally I'd give you a block quote or some shit like that, but I don't know where to start. In the wake of Ne-Yo having told Big Boy that he'd deliver 2 snaps up, a twist and a wrist to Yung Berg's cold, wet snout, Lil Chris provides 8 minutes of fuckery in defense of his manhood. Were there a DDN tournament, this moron would most certainly be a DMX-like frontrunner.

Upon Berg's presentation of his Sidekick to the camera claiming that one of Ne-Yo's "hoes" is calling, my initial reaction was "Berg and Ne-Yo fuck with the same dudes?"

Of course, he's interrupting a long day of "hitmaking" to show us that Ne-Yo's jumpoff is blowing up his T-Mobile To Go. First, this nigga ain't makin no damn hits. Second, I don't think you pay your Ghetto Revival cronies enough to be working cameras and calling your cell phone simultaneously. That requires a tier of groupie nigga talent that exceeds YB's current tax bracket.

Berg's insistance that "it's all 100" every 20 seconds or so leads me to believe that he's "all bitchmade" and really doesn't want it with Mr. Independent at all. Why would he? Fresh off flaming a far superior opponent [in every regard] in Chris Brown, I couldn't see Shaffer taking a physical or lyrical loss to Berg.

That's right. I'd put a 5 on Ne-Yo in a scuffle. Berg has already proven himself the rap game's Peter Schibetta. Bring Maino a couple of fresh Vanilla Dutches with no cracks in them and you can have your way with Yung Berg for an hour or so.

Negro, please. People wanna slap Berg because he's a complete shithead. Nann nigga need ever have heard what he calls music to be offended enough to wanna slap the Autobot out of him. Sadder than anything is how he turned a lame session of MediaTakeOut show-and-tell into a commercial for his newest track no one's going to listen to.

Berg, go run along and apologize to some more dark-skinned people.

"You'll always just be one of Trick Trick's bitches." - Hon. Minister Kareem Said

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