Yung Bans and Lil Yachty ride out and do some casually hardcore flexing on their new song "Different Colors," a track that had been around the internet for a while, but has now gotten an official release.

Featuring a very laidback, MexikoDro-produced trap instrumental, "Different Colors" begins with Bans telling one of his ladies he's all good on that TLC stuff. From there, we're treated to a rap session filled with ruthless flexes and images of the player lifestyle.

Bans and Yachty go back and forth almost the whole way through, with Yachty kicking things off in the first verse.

"Ayy, all in her jaws like some Lays, Ruffles/Ayy, .223s, Glocks, we don't do no scuffles/They don't like how I rap, they say I be muffled/Tell the bitch bring her friend, she was the missin' puzzle piece," spits Yachty, who's all set to voice the Green Lantern in a new movie for Teen Titans Go!

In the next bit, Bans gets grimy. "Ayy, yeah, skrrt off in that Range, huh/Ayy, young ass nigga just doin' my thing/Ayy, and her pussy pink just like Molly, huh/Riding with the glizzy and it got mileage/And my young niggas catchin' bodies (bodies)/I just do the rap shit for a hobby," raps Bans, who dropped off his project, Yung Bans Vol. 3, a couple months ago.

Check out all of "Different Colors" for yourself below. Listen to Lil Boat 2 when you're done with that.

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