Your Old Droog is one of the best lyricists in today's game. Every song he drops contains an insane amount of wordplay, and his latest record "White Rappers" is no different.

On the hook, Droog addresses the idea of an MC's skin color in hip-hop. "Some wise words from Your Old Friend/What matters is the beats and if the emcee goes in/It's not about the color of your skin," he half raps, half sings.

The New York rapper then uses two verses to obliterate the El RTNC-produced instrumental. With pinpoint delivery, Droog spits, "Back again, it's the realest dude on the panel/Napkin tucked in the collar of my new flannel/Only TV dinner I want is my bitch/Cooking some shit she saw on the Food Channel/Wise, the way I analyze/Made a vigil for the mourn, you still couldn't hold a candle/To what I did on wax before ever signing contracts/No numbers by memory, no contacts/And you thought it was perfect like Curt Hennig/I remember when we were sinning, condition worsening/Came a long way from the first inning/Getting better with every verse I'm penning, nah mean?"

The mid-20s Brooklyn native caps off the track with some more hot bars. Droog raps, "A lot of rappers want to vent, but when they do it, it's uneventful/Tumbleweeds get humbled like seeds/For trying to impede the path of the pimp/Fuck up your whole anatomy, remember/Pistol whipping is the sincerest form of battery/Got cats that go to bat for me like a pinch hitter/Rhyme words with 'orange' but I'm more than just a spitter."

Listen to Your Old Droog's "White Rappers" above, and keep it locked to XXL for more music from the NY MC.

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