YoungBoy Never Broke Again has never seemed like someone who will let someone slide for disrespecting him, and if he did before today, he shouldn't now. Recently, the Baton Rouge, La.-bred rapper very nearly got into a fight in an Atlanta mall. Parts of this altercation were caught on camera.

In the video, which was supposedly shot in Atlanta's Lenox Mall, we see someone discouraging NBA YoungBoy from jumping into a fight with a man in the mall—as someone films.

"You're not gonna fight on camera bae," says a woman, whom YoungBoy moves to the side as he jumps back into the conflict. Within moments, we see him shouting at a man in a red shirt as he prepares to throw hands.

"Lil' bitch...I'll beat your pussy ass up," shouts YoungBoy, who was released from prison this spring after serving time for attempted second degree murder. In another part of the clip, we can see YoungBoy heading up an escalator as the same man is recording him onto his social media story, with the overlaid text reading, "Nba young boy a bitch."

It's unclear whether or not that recording is what precipitated the near-fight or if it happened afterward. At a different point in the video, YoungBoy prepares to square-up with the unidentified man, but, thankfully, the fight never actually pops off.

Check out the altercation below.

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