Drake picked up the phone to invite some special guests to his London show Wednesday night (Feb. 1), Travis Scott and Young Thug joining him on the O2 Arena stage. The show was immediately covered after Scott fell through a portion of the stage, but that didn't derail the set, though Drake later told the crowd he'd refund tickets because of the mishap.

Below, Scott performs "Antidote" and Thugger performs "Best Friend," the two coming together for "Pick Up the Phone" as well. There was a notion earlier in the year that Thug would be an opening act for Drake's UK tour after Jeffrey posted a photo of the two to Instagram writing, "European tour ft ......" That hasn't been the case though, as Thug only first appeared Wednesday night.

There was as well a photo posted to Instagram yesterday of Thug and Drake in the studio together. What role Thug will play for the remainder of the Boy Meets World tour remains to be seen, but it is a worthwhile guess that Drake has larger plans beyond Wednesday night's appearance, a guest spot on More Life a distinct possibility.

Drake’s Boy Meets World tour continues this week with more shows in London before heading elsewhere in the UK. Catch footage of Travis and Thug performing below, with more likely in store as the Boy Meets World tour chugs along.

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