With the hype for Young Thug's Jeffery mixtape in full swing, the Atlanta rapper randomly pops up on a new collaboration with T.I. called "Bobby Womack." The song, which is produced by London on da Track, is featured on the new mixtape compilation Margiela Music 3. T.I. handles the hook duties on this cut while Thugger tackles the lone verse.

"Cadillac banging that Bobby that Womack/Big B's on pictures, you know that's that Bodak/I'm with my whodi, lil bitch outta know that/I had a sign for the millions, no zodiac," Young Thug raps.

Young Thug's much anticipated Jeffery mixtape was originally scheduled to drop on his birthday (Aug. 16) but got pushed back. The "Lifestyle" rhymer took to Instagram to explain the delay was due to an issue with cover artwork. Thugger did not like the photo that was going to be used for the tape, so he put a halt to its release.

The eccentric rapper's boss Lyor Cohen also caused a huge stir when he claimed Young Thug was changing his name to No, My Name Is Jeffery. Thug would quickly clarify that he would only be using this moniker for one week. But he did have one stipulation where the change could be permanent.

"I’m Jeffery for one fucking week. If I don’t sell a 100,000 copies," Thugger told Travis Scott on Beats 1 Radio.

Barring a miracle where Young Thug's new project sells in an unprecedented manner, fans won't have to worry about calling him Jeffery anytime soon.

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