Young Thug may just have the flossiest rapper on Instagram of them all. The ATL rapper is an advocate for diamonds, money and designer clothes. One scroll through his Instagram page and it's clear that Thugger is one laced dude. From iced-out apple watches to money sandwiches, his social profile is definitely worth a look.

Fans are anxiously awaiting his forthcoming project, SS3 or Slime Season 3, which drops March 25. The release date was announced with what may be one of the greatest marketing tactics of this generation, using a funeral procession and a coffin on Mar. 18 at SXSW. The stunt included a band and a casket that had the “3-25-16″ date written on it as a mob paraded through crowds at the Austin festival. The effort will serve as Thug's last mixtape before he moves on to dropping his debut album.

Thugger additionally announced The Hy!£UN35 tour, which means his official studio album is coming sooner than many thought. Since the initial announcement, fans have been waiting over a year for Thug to drop the LP. US tour dates will run from May 1-26, hitting all major cities. Hy!£UN35 tickets will be available for purchase this Friday, March 25. Visit YearOfTheThug for tickets and more info.

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