When Metro Boomin said other rappers shouldn't try to emulate Future's prolific mixtape run, it seemed more like sound advice than shots at anyone in particular. But subliminal shots do exist, as does subtext, and early this morning, Young Thug sent out a few tweets of his own taking issue with Metro's comments.

While Thugger may be misinterpreting the producer's comments, a classic case of two perspectives on the same reality, he has released two mixtapes in the past two months with plans to drop another. Metro and Thug have worked together in the past, though this wouldn't be the first working relationship that's gone the way of beef for Thugger. It's a fine line between defending yourself and burning bridges without regard, and while Young Thug seems justified in thinking he was the subject of the comments, this could easily become a case of when keeping it real goes wrong. Thug later clarified his tweets.

Young Thug already has an ongoing feud with The Game, though somebody with such disregard for convention likely doesn't pay much mind to the number adversaries acquired. Stay tuned for any updates on any number of Young Thug's headline-making situations, as the rapper will surely be sprouting up with something new in no time.