The Mannequin Challenge is the latest viral crazy to sweep the web, with rappers participating as only they could, by one-upping the level of intricacy and difficulty with each passing day. Rae Sremmurd set it off something proper earlier this month, by including a crowd at a recent Denver show, the still image scene exploding into motion as the beat for "Black Beatles" dropped.

Now, comes an entry by Young Thug, who turns a scene on the tarmac into a vehicle to preview new music. Whereas most Mannequin Challenges include a horizontal pan, Thug's, which can be seen above, involves tracking shot from outside a private jet to inside, Thug filling the final frame, busting a move to a new track he has with 21 Savage. Thug doesn't provide any additional details on the track, and his contributions don't make the Instagram cut, though 21 can be heard repeating "turn up they ass then," a possible title for the song.

Young Thug had said earlier this month that his new album will be ten times harder than Jeffrey, the project he released this August. That upcoming project is expected to drop before the year lets out, and a 21 Savage feature is one way to ensure a project is tough as nails.

Meanwhile, 2 Chainz took to Twitter over the weekend to point out that the Mannequin Challenge could have been inspired by his video for "Countin," which likewise dropped earlier this month. Check Thugger's Instagram video up top.

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