Slum Village's secret weapon, Young RJ, returns to denounce the evils of social media, premiering his new single "Huh?!." The new banger is a critique of a society he feels strips away the younger generation's identity. Fueled by ominous synths and the mic presence of a seasoned rap game veteran, the new track sees RJ, who's produced for the likes of 50 Cent and Little Brother, hit popular conventions right in the jugular.

"Bank notes, Lambos...Dracos?" RJ raps in the hook, questioning the glamorized depictions of street life on social media. According to RJ, the idea for the track—which is produced by himself in conjunction with Daru Jones, who provided drum production—came about from watching the good old timeline on Instagram. He wants to offer perspective.

"The song was inspired by watching my timeline on IG and talking to the homies in the studio about how everybody is being influenced by social media, reality TV and so on," RJ tells XXL.

"Force-feeding information, indoctrinating the youth not to think for themselves, just believe what they tell you. My stance is...keep it real," he continues. "They'll remove a picture of a beautiful naked woman but show a live murder on mass media, I'm talking about real life, not talking about blowing somebody's head off and acting like it's no consequences."

"Huh?!" is all set to appear on RJ's forthcoming debut album, BLAQ ROYALT, which is due out this summer. From there, the experienced rapper-producer is taking his message global.

"The plan is to flood the streets with some classic music, with my album BLAQ ROYALT release this summer, management is setting up tour for Europe and Africa, then coming back to the states, I've been waiting to do this a long time," he tells XXL.

You can check out "Huh?!" for yourself below.

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