The third installment in Young Nudy's SlimeBall mixtape series has finally arrived. The East Atlanta rapper dropped SlimeBall 3 on Tuesday (Aug. 7), three months after the project's originally announced release date.

Nudy's latest marks a career shift as longtime collaborator Pi'erre Bourne continues to blow up. The producer laced most of the beats on the two previous SlimeBall tapes, but only provides one instrumental here. Metro Boomin, Wheezy, Tasha Catour, Cubeatz, KidHazel and !llmind, among others, also contribute beats.

The tape includes previously released singles "Do That" and "Sherbert" and features zero guest verses—Nudy's first full-length to do so. His last project, September's Nudy Land, sported a feature from Offset, while SlimeBall 2 featured Juicy J, Peso, Kourtney Money and Nudy's cousin 21 Savage.

The "Yeah Yeah" rapper addressed the tape's delay last month in an interview with XXL. "I can always put a project together. I got a thousand goddamn songs," he said. "I record 24/7. It's just when I say SlimeBall 3, I start recording different."

Listen to Young Nudy's SlimeBall 3 below, where you'll also find the cover art, tracklist and production credits.

Young Nudy's SlimeBall 3 Tracklist

1. "One Dolla" (Produced by Pi'erre Bourne)
2. "Know What's Happenin" (Produced by Stonii The Melody God, Javar Rockamore)
3. "Middle Fingers" (Produced by Bixtel, BLSSD)
4. "InDaStreet" (Produced by Maaly Raw, Cubeatz)
5. "Friday" (Produced by !llmind, Cardiak)
6. "Zone 6" (Produced by JetsonMade)
7. "Do That" (Produced by Javar Rockamore)
8. "ABM" (Produced by KidHazel)
9. "Robbin And Gettin" (Produced by Joe Millionaire, Tasha Catour)
10. "Mercy With Doubt" (Produced by Tasha Catour)
11. "Unemotional" (Produced by KidHazel)
12. "Sherbert" (Produced by BL$$D)
13. "Right Now" (Produced by Metro Boomin, Wheezy)
14. "Slimeball" (Produced by Rex Kudo, Maaly Raw)

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