She's back. After something of a semi-lengthy absence, Young M.A returns with a new video for her Five Points Bakery, DJ Burn One and 1Mind-produced song "Walk." For the track, she addresses the folks wondering where she's been since dropping her first major label EP, Herstory.

The video for "Walk," which is directed by a piece by guy, is as straightforward as it gets, featuring clips of M.A simply pacing back-and-forth around the studio. She's also smoking a blunt and eating some chips. In the song itself, she picks up where she left off, flexing on anyone who imagines they're on her level.

"Get money, act broke, that's the motto I apply by/Never bougie, we on vaca pouring Henny in our mai tai's/Never change, I'm still the same, drinking Minute Maid's with the hot fries/In the club, in V.I.P. with y'all bitches and my guys/We getting money, we don't want beef, take that beef shit to Five Guys," the Brooklyn rapper spits on the track.

"Walk" is a welcome return from Young M.A, who hadn't dropped a new track in several months. In the "drop a few loosies here-and-there" era we live in today, her absence felt sort of long, but now that she's popped up with some new music, it might be safe to say she's prepping for another new project. We can't wait to hear it.

Watch "Walk" below, and check out M.A's T-Pain collab, "F.B.G.M.," when you're done with that.

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