Young M.A ended 2015 with a new visual from her SleepWalkin mixtape and she's beginning this year with another one, this time for the song, "Karma Khrys."

The video begins with M.A failing to reach her significant other on the via phone, reaching a voicemail instead and appears to be upset about the ordeal. "So you're really not gonna pick up your phone, huh? I called you more than ten times, man. I understand you're upset, but you can't even talk to me? Like, we grown, c'mon, man. That's crazy, man. Call me back, man," M.A pleads while leaving a voice message.

Her bae finally calls back, giving her a tongue lashing over her recent behavior, barking, "You really a fucking coward, like, you don't give a fuck about nobody but yourself you don't even give a fuck that I really be holding you down and making sure you good, like, I swear" into the phone while giving the rapper a piece of her mind.

In an attempt to clear her head, Young M.A hops in the whip with a bottle to keep company, rapping, "Driving through Brooklyn sipping this Hennessy /I knew that this breakup would get to me eventually / I'm all drunk as shit, look what you did to me / I wonder if you still love me or even missing me."

M.A also addresses her lover's own two-timing, rhyming, "You said you heard I was doing me / But what you heard and what they said got to do with me / I know I hurt you more than once, and yes, that's true indeed / But now you fucking with somebody, damn, who is she?"

Admitting the error in her own ways, Young M.A puts her pride to the side, spitting "Somebody else making you smile I can't live wit' that / Somebody else holding you down, I can't live wit' that / You out of my world, I can't live like that / See, I was just fucking wit' them girls, I was gon' get right back," in an attempt to sooth the situation over.

The visual for "Karma Krys" serves as an honest glimpse into the ups and downs of relationships and infidelity and should help to continue raising the Brooklynite's profile.

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