While Young Lito gears up for his next project, the rapper drops off his new track, "Rambo," to hold fans over.

Teaming up with producer RubiRosa—famous for his work with PnB Rock—Young Lito delivers a smooth trap banger as he raps, "Bitch, I'm ballin' like a nigga in the A/Paid a stack for my jeans, paid a stack for my K/Ain't shoot a nigga wit it yet but ready any day."

Lito continues to show just how tough he is, spitting bars over the piano-driven beat. "I said I'm strapped like I'm Rambo but ain't no fatigues/Got my whole block hot — 600 degrees/And I'm in a jungle too, but we call it the Ps/Ain't no shade where I'm from 'cause we sell all the trees."

According to the rapper, "Rambo" will be featured on his upcoming project, In Due Time 2. While the project doesn't have a set release date yet, Lito says to expect the record in the first quarter of 2018.

In May, Lito made headlines when he called out Troy Ave on his "First Day Out Freestyle." During the 7-minute long track, Lito disses Troy Ave for not taking care of his children, not holding down his BSB Records labelmates and calls now-deceased bodyguard Ronald "Banga" McPhatter a "holster."

"When you ever see Troy Ave in a Young Lito video," Lito raps. "'I Love This Game' don't count. That was his song. I had to pay niggas to be in my videos, man. When Banga got jumped, what'd you do? I said, 'Yo, what niggas goin' do about it?' [Troy answered] 'Yo, Banga just a holster.' If I'm lying I'm fucking dying. Give me a lie detector test."

Listen to Young Lito's "Rambo" below.

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10 Hunnit

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