Young Lito has no problem taking shots at his enemies in a new freestyle over Tee Grizzley's "First Day Out" beat.

Released on Lito's personal SoundCloud, the seven-minute song is equal parts rapping and rant. It's clear Lito is keen on airing out all the dirty laundry of his former BSB Records bro Troy Ave. First, Lito spits about his aspiration to be up like The Carters while Troy is nothing but a moving L in the flesh. "You call my phone cryin' like a thot/But you diss me on your records, nigga stop," he delivers.

After the Helluva Beats instrumental fades away around the three-minute mark, Lito continues to bash Troy, claiming the Nupac rapper never held down anyone in BSB Records, called their now-deceased bodyguard and friend Ronald “Banga” McPhatter a "holster." Lito also claims Troy doesn't properly take care of his children.

"When you ever see Troy Ave in a Young Lito video," asks Lito at one point. "'I Love This Game' don't count. That was his song. I had to pay niggas to be in my videos, man. When Banga got jumped, what'd you do? I said, 'Yo, what niggas goin' do about it?' [Troy answered] 'Yo, Banga just a holster.' If I'm lying I'm fucking dying. Give me a lie detector test."

Lito also let his feelings be known when he was promoting the new song on his social media. "I done got jumped for that nigga, someone loss they life for that nigga, dudes went to jail 4 him n He never cared. No checc ups, no headstone, no calls. DON'T LET YOUR LOYALTY BECOME SLAVERY," wrote the Brooklyn rapper.

It's clear that the beef between Troy and his estranged former crew is far from over.

Listen to Lito's "First Day Out Freestyle" for yourself below.

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