Young Dolph is major without a deal. The Memphis rapper has been quiet in recent months but returns on Friday (Aug. 31) and drops the new single, "Major," featuring his Paper Route Empire artist Key Glock.

On the new banger, Dolph adopts a flow similar to BlocBoy JB's cadence on "Rover." "Mobbing in the Bentley, smoking moon rock/Pocket full of muthafuckin' blue guap/Half a ounce in my Gucci tube socks/For the summertime got a new drop," he spits.

Key Glock comes through repping for the home team. "House full of bitches like Flavor/These cuts in my thumbs come from counting paper/Paper Route the gang and bitch, we a label," he rhymes.

The new track is off Dolph's upcoming project titled Role Model that is scheduled to come out on Sept. 21.

Dolph recently made the headlines after claiming he turned down a whopping $22 million deal. "Bruh, for the last six months, I been havin' a muthafuckin' $22 million contract, debatin' on should I do the deal or not," he explained on Instagram before exclaiming, "Fuck the $22 million."

Dolph has been serious about staying independent. He unabashedly slammed record labels on the track, "Slave Owners," earlier this year.

After putting out four projects in 2017, Dolph has only put out the Niggas Get Shot Everyday EP in 2018. Key Glock is continuing to build his buzz. He put out the Glock Bond mixtape in February.

Listen to Young Dolph's new single "Major" featuring Key Glock below.

Paper Route Empire
Paper Route Empire

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