Young Dolph will be releasing his Bulletproof album on Saturday (April 1). The Memphis rapper provides one last preview of the LP via the new track "I Pray for My Enemies." The song features a heavy dose of Dolph's boastful bars.

“I just left the trap, pulled up at her house/Now she in my lap, no panties under blouse/She say hold up, she want me watch her make it clap/You used to have a nigga, she met me and pulled him out/You see a real trap nigga, bitch on the map/I saw my first 100 pounds of weed and said wow/A 100 mil in ten years, now I'm thinking right now/The last three years my main dog been on the run/My lil' nigga right here with me, he just made bond/She used to hold my palm, yes, she my day one/And she fuck me good ever since day one,” Dolph raps.

Fans can pre-order Dolph's Bulletproof, right now on iTunes. Check out the tracklist and stream "I Pray for My Enemies" below. If you missed it, make sure to read XXL's timeline of the MC's beef with Yo Gotti.

Young Dolph’s Bulletproof Tracklist

1. “100 Shots”
2. “In Charlotte”
3. “But I’m bulletproof”
4. “So Fuk ’em”
5. “That’s How I Feel” Feat. Gucci Mane
6. “I’m So Real”
7. “I Pray For My Enemies”
8. “I’m Everything You Wanna Be”
9. “So That’s Why You Envy Me”
10. “SMH”

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