As the Southern member of G-Unit, Young Buck has always seen things a little differently. In the wake of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile's murders at the hands of police, he's fed up – and he's looking to start a "Riot." Hear the exclusive new track above.

2Pac can be heard at the beginning of the track saying, "I would rather tell a young black male to educate his mind, arm yourself and defend yourself than just sit there and turn the other cheek." That intro gives way to sounds of people protesting in the streets, and soon Buck is firing off bars about how now's not the time for peace, but resistance. The hook is self-explanatory – "Let's start a motherfuckin' riot!"

"Everybody waitin' on a bullet/I'd just rather be the one to pull it/Don't nobody wanna do the time/But somebody gotta go slang that iron," raps Buck before gunshots ring out on the track. Then he tells Hov to hit Obama and tell POTUS that Buck's about that action. “And for any artists that are feeling the same feelings as me," Buck tells XXL, "the record is open for any remixes.”

The song comes a couple weeks after Buck announced his 10 Bodies mixtape was on the way. Sounds like the Nashville MC is going back to the "old me" on his next project.

Hear "Riot" above.

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