Young Buck fans will be pleased with the Nashville native's latest release. "One More Night" is a track off his upcoming mixtape, 10 Bricks, which is being hosted by DJ Whoo Kid.

"Fuck the police" is the first thing you hear when the track starts, setting the overall tone of the three-plus minute banger. Buck unleashes his anger on wax, "We should set this bitch for one more night/We should burn this shit down for one more night." Over jazzy snares, the hip-hop veteran attempts to sing for the hook while also delivering two solid verses.

The standout bars in his first verse are ferocious: "Standing in the same spot/Slanging right where they slung/Fillin' up the same veins/I'm the smoke in they lung/You would never understand/'Cause you don't know where they from/Round here these people/See the police and they run."

The G-Unit member impressed fans last month with his DJ Whoo Kid-hosted mixtape,10 Bullets. Hopefully, he'll do the same when he drops 10 Bricks on May 20.

"I will say that the next one I’m working on, it’s crazy, man," Buck said to XXL in a previous interview before announcing the mixtape. "I won’t give you the title—I do got the title ready and I do got four out of 10 songs for the next one that I know I’m going with—so I’m getting ready."

Listen to "One More Night" above.

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