Yo Gotti and Mike WiLL Made-It unleash "Rake It Up," the strip club-ready single Nicki Minaj previewed on her Instagram account just yesterday (May 31). Featuring a bouncy instrumental from Mike-WiLL, fearsome verses from Nicki and Gotti and an instantly memorable hook, it almost sounds like a celebration for the release of Gotti Made-It, the Gotti-Mike-WiLL project it's featured.

First up on the track is Gotti, who delivers the catchy hook before jumping into his verse. "I made love to a stripper (stripper), first I had to tip her (phrrr)," Gotti proclaims in the opening bar. He continues, "20 thousand ones, (woo) she said I'm that nigga (I am)/I said I'm that nigga, bitch, I already know it (I know it)/I come with bad weather, (ksh) they say I'm a storm."

Next up is Nicki, who pretty much steals the show within the first four bars of her verse. Of course, she's made a habit of doing that over the years, so there's no shame on Gotti's part.

"Brought out the pink Lamborghini just to race with Chyna/Brought the Wraith to China just to race in China/Lil' bad Trini bitch but she mixed with China/Real thick vagina, smuggle bricks to China," Nicki spits during her verse. Yeah, she killed it.

Check out "Rake It Up" for yourself below. Cop it on iTunes here.

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