Tomorrow (May 19), is Yo Gotti's birthday, and he's started the celebration early by dropping off a brand new banger with Meek Mill. "Top Looking Down" finds the two rappers flexing over the Ben Billions-produced, blustering track like only they can as they remind lames whose world it really is.

"50 bottles tell them to run it back/Real nigga in real life, you a real nigga on the internet/Real problems, had real issues in the real streets, sold real crack/Fake niggas having fake issues, all you fake niggas, put an end to that," Gotti spits in his opening verse, flaunting his street credentials in pretty convincing fashion.

After Gotti's verse comes the two-part hook featuring himself and Meek Milly. "Real niggas at the top, fake niggas at the bottom/Don't bring them pussy niggas up with you/Better leave them where you got them," spits in part one, before Gotti simply repeats the phrase, "Top looking down, top looking down."

From there, we get a scathing hot verse from Meek, who dropped his Meekend Music project on his birthday a few weeks ago. "Came through for the payback/Pulled up in the Maybach/Bought the don put the Wraith back/Wrist rocky like A$AP/Bought the bitch a little burgundy bag/That's my paper let her taste that," Meek raps in his opening bars.

Gotti and Meek Mill are all set to embark on their Against All Odds tour together this summer, and you can bet fans are going to love their new track together. Joining them on tour are Atlanta hitmaker YFN Lucci and fellow CMG signee MoneyBagg Yo. Listen to it for yourself below.

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