Just when we were thinking it's been a while since we got a banger from YG, the Bompton rapper hits us with the new track, "Suu Whoop."

The new slapper is produced by DJ Mustard and Jordan Holt, and finds YG repping his set to the fullest and calling out false flaggers. "Suu whoop gang or don't bang (suu whoo-suu whoop, bang)/You ain't got a pistol, don't hang (suu whoo-suu whoop, don't hang)," he raps on the chorus. "I ain't scared, nigga, I'm brazy (suu whoo-suu whoop, I'm brazy)/YG a rapper and he full-fledged bang (bang)."

The instrumental is more along the lines of a trap aesthetic than the Cali vibes we've been accustomed to from Mustard and YG's collabs. Nevertheless, the Blood-affiliated MC is talking a whole lot of gang ish. "Suu whoop my rag (rag,) I'm suu whoop when I'm mad (mad)/'YG don't you got a daughter?' Yeah, I'm a gangbangin'-ass dad (dad)," he snaps. "Big B, Gucci bag (bag,) blue hundreds in my bag (my bag)/'YG how you feel about the hundreds bein' blue?' Nigga, I ain't mad/The Crips know I'm with this Blood shit/Need a Piru and that's Blood, bitch/Always down with this thug shit."

The new track is off Y Gizzle's upcoming mixtape, Just Re'd Up 3: Know Your Worth, which also features the previously-released track, "Pop It Shake It."

Listen to YG's new "Suu Whoop" single below.

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