Contrary to previous reports, a San Diego State University student group is saying YG did not breach a contract by performing his anti-President Trump anthem "FDT," during a concert at the school.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Bompton rapper had forfeited a $60,000 pay day to buck the system and perform the scathing Trump diss at the school on Friday (March 3), despite a clause in his contract that barred the single from being played.

According to SPIN, the school committee who organized the show is denying those claims, saying they only requested YG not play the song, and still paid him in full despite him going against their wishes.

“During booking discussions with Live Nation, the student Greenfest committee that selected the artist and planned the GreenFest concert requested that YG not perform his song, ‘FDT,'” Associated Students of SDSU spokesperson named Raven Tyson wrote SPIN in an email. “The student Greenfest Committee was advised that an artist can be asked, but that there is a possibility that the artist will still play the song. On the night of the concert, YG indicated that he wanted to play the song ‘FDT’ even though he had been asked not to by Associated Students. Associated Students indicated that payment would not be withheld if he played the song. YG was paid his full $60,000 fee for performing at Greenfest.”

YG's song, and where he can or can not perform it will no doubt be a touchy subject for some promoters for at least the next four years.

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