When the song was first announced, YG and A$AP Rocky's "Handgun" was a surprising pairing, set to apepar on YG's Stay Dangerous album. Once it came out, it all made sense as to why they teamed up—the song is a banger. It's fitting that the two performed the song at the 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards.

YG takes the stage with soldiers of his own, similar to the "Handgun" video. He's camo'd down, coupled with a gold Jeep and a pyrotechnics. YG surges through his verse, complete with a few dance moves. "YG always cuss, YG do too much/Oh my God he always wearin' red, he a super Blood," he rapped, with extra emphasis on this line for obvious reasons. "You niggas super sus, act like y'all be pistoled up/When them shots fire, all you niggas did was duck."

Rocky then runs out on stage in matching camo and bucket hat, complete with a Fendi handbag. On the song, he shows some love to another Harlem star, Cam'ron. "I was 13 with fake bling/When Killa Cam was on the corner with the pink mink," he raps. He delivers a strong performance for a song that pairs two of the cooler rappers from their respective coasts. It's been an interesting week for Rocky, who had quite a wild confession recently about an orgy.

The whole scene kind of brings back memories of No Limit Records' heyday, which may or may not have been on purpose. The set raps with the duo showing love to the crowd and slipping off the stage.

Watch the full clip below.

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