In hip-hop, a lot of rappers idolize Tupac Shakur, both in their music and in their tweets. Add YFN Lucci to that list of rappers that have compared themselves to Tupac. The Atlanta native drops "Like Pac," a four-minute record produced by Budda Beats.

"Uh, picture me rollin', hey/One of America's Most Wanted, yeah/Picture the old me, yeah/You shoulda told me it was me against the world, you shoulda told me/I swear I shed so many tears, you shoulda told me yeah yeah/Uh, then I went Thug Life like Pac/Then I went to ridin' 'round in the drop/Went and got a FN fuck a Glock," he raps.

Last Friday (June 16), would have been Tupac's 46th birthday. On that same dayt, the All Eyez on Me biopic was released in theaters worldwide. The recent conversation featuring 'Pac is likely what sparked Lucci to drop the new track.

This past weekend, following Young Thug's latest album, Beautiful Thugger Girls, the Atlanta rapper also recently compared himself to the late great rap legend on Twitter.

“I dropped E.B.B.T.G. on 2PAC’S bday because I’m the #NewPac. I feel like I’m the thug he didn’t get to become,” Thug tweeted.

Lucci appeared to take a subtle shot at Thug for comparing himself to 2Pac, saying Makaveli would never wear a dress.

Listen to "Like Pac" below.

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