Ye Ali wants his girl to strike a pose so he can take a picture. The Indiana singer lets his intentions be known on the new single "Polaroid" produced by Bizness Boi. Ali hopes to remember the night forever by snapping a few photos of his lady.

The "Ring 4x" artist has been making some major moves by working with the likes of Kirko Bangz and Lil Durk. The trap-infused R&B singer has simple goals in this industry as he wants to stay focused on the music.

"My goal in music is to make great music and inspire people," Ye Ali told XXL. "I think we get so lost in validation. We forget that these total strangers from all over the world that happened to like our music is like all that matters. Seeing Kanye get so mad about the Grammys and I get it but as long as your people love it, your fans are buying the album and the tours, that’s really it. We seek validation for people who are so far removed from the culture. It really doesn’t hold much validation when it comes down to it. I think just making sure that I keep making music for myself and for people who would love it too. I think it so important to just stay true to the music. You can take away everything else and still have music. You can take away music then you don’t have everything else. Like you can understand the foundation, which you’re building your music off of."

Fans can expect to find "Polaroid" on Ye Ali's upcoming Traphouse Jodeci project which is due out later this month.

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