Ye Ali is infatuated with a particular lady on his new single "Loyalty." The rapper/singer links up with Eric Bellinger on the track, which sees the self-proclaimed Traphouse Jodeci trying to woo a young lady.

"Cinderella from the hood, enjoy this slipper on your foot now/Instagram post going up, heard you doing good now/I just got one question, is you single//Told me had a hard day at work, damn, how you meeting go/Give me all the details and the boring and the ugly shit/Co-worker piss you off, why she hating on a bad bitch/You in that nine to five, maybe you should 69/Girl, I got the morning shift, you can cover here any time," Ye Ali raps.

Ye Ali wants tracks like "Loyalty" to connect with a lot of people, but he is not caught up in attaining accolades. The Indiana native told XXL that he always wants to stay true to the music.

“I think we get so lost in validation," Ye Ali said. "We forget that these total strangers from all over the world that happened to like our music is like all that matters. Seeing Kanye get so mad about the Grammys and I get it but as long as your people love it, your fans are buying the album and the tours, that’s really it. We seek validation for people who are so far removed from the culture. It really doesn’t hold much validation when it comes down to it. I think just making sure that I keep making music for myself and for people who would love it too. I think it so important to just stay true to the music. You can take away everything else and still have music. You can take away music then you don’t have everything else. Like you can understand the foundation, which you’re building your music off of.”

Listen to Ye Ali's new song "Loyalty" featuring Eric Bellinger below.

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