XXXTENTACION's onslaught of disrespect directed at Drake continues. Recently, X, who's only been out of jail for a little over a week now, uploaded a video of himself telling the More Life artist to cease and desist with any and all attempts to speak patois.

"Tell this pussy nigga Drake stop speaking patois. You are not Jamaican. I'm a real fucking Jamaican," X says in the video, barely holding back a chuckle. "I'm from fucking Kingston, all of my family is from Kingston. Stop stealing my people's culture. Get the fuck off our dick. We don't claim you, stop! We don't want you. Go back to where you came from. Whose mans is this?"

This latest video echoes sentiments folks have had about the Toronto MC for at least a few years now, but X's most recent video probably has as much to do with the idea of cultural appropriation as it does with his belief that Drizzy jacked his "Look at Me" flow for "KMT," a track from More Life. 

Back in February, Drizzy denied that he'd stolen anything from the Florida rapper, but simply put, X has been having none of it. In one of his first interviews following his release from jail, X once again explained why exactly he's been beefing with Drizzy.

“He is not a man. I think he’s a bitch, that’s a bitch move,” says X, referencing the Views rapper's alleged biting. “Especially when I was in jail facing life, you know what I’m saying? If Drake would’ve came to my bond hearing, you know what I’m saying, that would’ve made my fucking day. If he had showed that he’s a hospitable person and that he’s really in this shit for the culture, rather than being a … taking my shit, running off with it and then putting it on his album, then he would’ve gotten my kudos, gotten my respect. I would’ve let him hop on the remix and take 100 percent royalty rate. I would’ve done it.”

You can check out X's latest Drizzy diss in the video below.

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