When it comes to hip-hop, the list of top five rappers usually features The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur in one of the five spots. But according to XXXTentacion, he's already better than ’Pac.

Speaking with DJ Akademiks during a Twitch session, X said he has surpassed ’Pac in a number of ways. When it comes to being a poet, the rapper said he's "been that," adding, "I'm better than Tupac, bro. Please don't compare me to him... Please don't."

XXXTentacion then went on to say that ’Pac could not make rock music like he's making. "Tupac can't make rock music," he said. "Tupac couldn't do that. Tupac didn't do that. Tupac was a dancer and a poet and a rapper."

The rapper also scoffed at the idea of ’Pac being seen as a great due to his reputation of being a revolutionary. "I don't give a fuck," X fired back. "There's plenty of revolutionaries. What about Joyner Lucas? He's a fucking' revolutionary."

X then brought up the classic Biggie vs. Tupac debate, ultimately saying that Big was the better rapper and poet. "If you ask me though, Biggie was a better poet," said X. "I think Biggie's better—as far as a rapper," he continued. "But the only thing was that Tupac, he could articulate himself very well. But Biggie was a better poet, bro."

After quoting some of Biggie's lyrics from "Suicidal Thoughts," the rapper then got passionate about his opinions, yelling, "Bruh, that shit is real, bruh!"

In related XXXTentacion news, when he's not debating who's the better rapper, the 17 artist can be found on YouTube streaming video games. Last week, X dropped the first video on his YouTube gaming channel. "OK guys, so I'm basically gonna be doing my YouTube gaming now," the rapper told his fans on Instagram.

Like many of today's video game streamers, X's first gaming video features him playing the wildly popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. "HEY SORRY IVE BEEN SO DISTANT GUYS IVE BEEN SO SAD AND PARANOID LATELY! BUT I PROMISE ILL TRY HARDER! HERES MY FIRST VIDEO OF ME BEHAVING LIKE THE CRAZY FUCK I AM! ENJOY I LOVE YOU ALL!" he wrote in the video's description on YouTube.

Check out XXXTentacion's comments about Biggie and ’Pac below.

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