With so much tension dwelling in the depths of the Cash Money camp, XXL couldn't help but take it back to the days when Lil Wayne and Birdman acted as father and son. Trotting all the way back to 2007, XXL managed to dig up footage from our 10th anniversary issue cover shoot, which featured Baby and Wayne.

Set in their hometown of New Orleans, in the video famed photographer, Jonathan Mannion revisits the exact same spot that Cash Money shot their first XXL cover back in April 1999. "Part of doing the shoot here, is to show how much can change in 10 years," says Mannion. "Baby has grown up. Weezy has grown up. They're doing incredible numbers and moving units. They're just arguably running it right now. “

Weezy and Birdman are in good standing in the clip and are captured happily interacting. Birdman even praises the loyalty they have for each other in the visual. “We did some great pictures today,” says Birdman. “Just showing our walk, our talk, our loyalty and what we mean to each other…Only a few survive, this is a hell of a business,” ironically voices the Cash Money CEO.

Flash back to today and this video serves as a sad reminder that the Cash Money that hip-hop has groomed and loved for years, may soon be no more.

Press play.