You can't walk down the aisles of the XXL offices without hearing Eminem's recently leaked album, Recovery, blasting out of someone's speakers. Since hitting the 'Net earlier this week, that seems to be all that we can listen to and talk about. But why should we keep our opinions to ourselves? What does the XXL staff really think of Shady's seventh studio effort? Here's your chance to eavesdrop on our track by track breakdown over AIM. :)

Vanessa Satten: OK so what are you thinking about the first track, "Cold Wind Blows"?

Rob Markman: The little singing intro in "Cold Wind Blows" is eerie. It gave me chills when I first heard it.

Jesse Gissen: "Cold Wind Blows" is one of the best tracks on the album - as far as him just spazzing out lyrically.

Adam Fleisher: Yeah I agree, but when I first heard it, I didn't love the singy intro. Then beat drops and he's like, "OK, hey guys, I'm here."

Rondell Conway: I was afraid when I heard the intro, thought he was going somewhere else.

Matt Barone: The spoken word intro confused me at first, but it actually sets the song up perfectly; it's off-putting and a bit unsettling.

Vanessa: When I first put it on I wasn't sure but by the second time I listened to the song. 5 mins later, I was into it.

Matt: It's a good okey-doke on the listener.

Rob: I was shocked to learn that just Blaze did that beat. The lyrics are crazy though. "Call me a faggot 'cause I hate a pussy." LOL

Adam: "Stick my dick in a circle but I'm not fuckin around."

Rob: Yeah that's classic Shady. This track is a winner!

Adam: And we get our first Michael J. Fox reference.

Jesse: He's got some Relapse type punchlines on it - but this time it totally works - his delivery is more confident.

Rondell: Mike Vick, Elton John, Mariah all get touched in the first verse

Jesse: The Elton John line is hilarious.

Vanessa: I'm tired of Em/Mariah beef but I get why he has to say something.

Rob: Yeah, Vanessa, you and Nick Cannon

Anslem Samuel: Yeah Mariah bodied him with video... jokes.

Rob: Do you guys think Nick is making a diss track as we speak?

Rob: Okay so we all like "Cold Wind Blows" what about track 2? "Talkin' 2 Myself?"

Jesse: I think they could make that into a single.

Vanessa: It's a single for crossover to me cause of the hook.

Jesse: Yeah, that's why I think it's the smart move.

Matt: "Talkin 2 Myself" really drives home that Em isn't playing this time around; immediately jumps into his self-analysis.

Vanessa: and then the Wayne and Kanye shit about dissing them and not doing it.

Jesse: They might actually play that on urban radio.