We all know people are into some pretty freaky things when it comes to getting down in the bedroom -- to each his own. Some people bring food in the mix, while others may bring a homegirl or homeboy into the mix. But can you say you've ever spit bars while getting it on?The Internet strikes again with another hilarious viral video featuring two people having sex, but it's not your average boudoir session. They aren't just getting it in; the woman appears to be freestyling to each stroke and we must admit she's got bars.

Candles are lit and the mood is set while she and her partner are fornicating in what appears to be a bathroom. The woman records herself in the mirror as she seemingly rhymes to the beat (no pun intended). Her bars are just as boastful as any other MC as she brags about "being the freak of the week out in Myrtle Beach."

Not sure if her dude was doing his job right or if this young lady just has killer focus. Dude seemed pretty unfazed by her personalized sex tunes. No word if this woman is actually a rapper, but a mixtape from her may not be a bad idea. She might even get courted by a record label for this viral stunt. Not a bad marketing ploy.

Peep the video above.

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