There's no disputing that Drake's "One Dance" was one of the biggest records this year, regardless of genre, putting Wizkid and Kyla into the everyday radio rotation. The Views track has gone four times platinum and spent 12 non-consecutive weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100, and based on Wizkid's tweets from earlier in the week (Oct. 11) he and Drake may be back in the kitchen.

"6god x Real Starboy about to school everybody!!" the Nigerian musician tweeted. Shortly after, a fan asks Wizkid to drop new music, to which he replies, "I know! I'm sorry! Just know I'm about to release some of the best works I've ever recorded!!"

That first bit references The Weeknd, who as well came up under Drake's watch, though he has since ascended to his own realm of stardom with his critically acclaimed 2015 record Beauty Behind the Madness. Weeknd returned to the spotlight in September with a new single titled "Starboy" featuring Daft Punk. While Drake and Weeknd have had their own rift, Wizkid suggests here that the Canadian singer is second to call himself "Starboy," with an Instagram video below showing that Wiz has used that moniker for some time now.

In fact, Wizkid's had his own Starboy Entertainment label since 2013, and when Weeknd announced his Starboy album cover, the Nigerian artist had a strong response, calling the Toronto singer a "fraud nigga" in a since-deleted tweet. 

Read Wizkid's tweets below. Drake recently cut his Summer Sixteen tour short and announced an overseas tour starting in January, so any new music he plans to release or work on has a limited window.

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