Critics often cite hip-hop's repetitive nature as one of the music's biggest drawbacks and after one listen to Migos' "Versace," it's tough to argue the point. Martin Connor, a 2012 Duke University graduate who founded Rap Analysis, a site dedicated to teaching people how to listen to rap, obtained an index of data compiled by a data analyst who created an algorithm that shows which rappers repeat themselves the most. At the top of the list are the Black Eyed Peas' and hardcore rapper turned pop star, Pitbull. Considering that both artists make more pop-sounding songs, this shouldn't be that surprising considering their audience base. When it comes to hip-hop artists, Lil Jon is unsurprisingly at the top followed by the more surprising Kid Cudi.


As the list rolls on, more unexpected results start to appear. Nicki Minaj is more repetitive than French Montana; Mase makes the list despite having a smaller output of songs than most of the other artists and Trinidad James makes it even though he only had a brief stretch of consistently putting out music. The list and algorithm is a bit flawed. Since it takes output of songs into consideration, some of the results are inflated. For example, 426 Gucci Mane songs were used while 20 Cash Out songs were used.

With the list starting to make the rounds on the internet, Connor turned to Reddit to answer questions about the data. According to Connor, the data analyst he paid is not an inherent rap fan and didn't include  repetitive artists like Lil B and Birdman.

[Rap Analysis]

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