In New York City, there will always be a place for lyricism in hip-hop. Wiki, from the group Ratking, and Your Old Droog are two of the most respected names in the city when it comes to underground rap, so the two meeting up on a track is only right. The song is titled "Litt 15" and appears on Wiki's album, No Mountains in Manhattan. The video shows the two walking around the version of NYC that is near and dear to their hearts.

The Ryosuke Tanzawa-directed visual starts with a flashes of the gritty parts of New York City—police sirens, trains, pigeons and more. Shrouded in darkness, Wiki starts his verse where he raps about the city, followed by more imagery of New York. Droog is standing in the street and does the same, rapping in front of an elevated train track. Wiki closes the video out, stepping out into the sun for a smoke and some fresh air.

Both rappers shine on the song, but Wiki has the first verse. "I sit around sip brew say that I’m busy/Pissing off the kids that live with me/I live in a town well I’d say it’s a city/That’s got everything to give to me," is a very clear explanation of life in NYC, a place that Wiki acknowledges as being vital to his dreams.

Droog has always had bars and "Litt 15" is just another example. "Came out with a fire flow and a slammin' show/Letting this hammer blow, still write rhymes like/They gon get heard by Sean P and Yambo" is an example of excellent wordplay, with nods to the late Sean Price and A$AP Yams.

Both Your Old Droog and Wiki have solo work of their own out there. Wiki raps on DJ Earl and Nick Hook produced song "Hook Chop," while Droog let his "Live From NYC (Freestyle)" loose three months ago.

Check out the "Litt 15" video below.

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