Wifisfuneral and Jay Critch put on a free-wheeling bars exhibition. On Thursday (March 29), Wifi unloaded "Knots," a Smash David-produced track that finds both rappers tackling a stripped down beat with a double-time flow.

Wifi announced the track through his Instagram account. "Knots" featuring @jaycritch produced by @smashdavid out now, link in bio 🖤Ethernet loading... 📶," he wrote in the caption for the post, which includes a snippet of the song, which he clear hints will be on his forthcoming Ethernet project.

Wifi holds down the hook on this one and he also pulls up with a tight verse. "Uh, wait, break it down (break it down)/Grip on her waist when I take her down (take her down)/Smoking on pack, straight Pacquiao (Pacquiao)/Bitch, I'm on top, what you sayin' now? (sayin' now)/If she give top she can hang around," spits Wifi, who recently turned 21.

After Wifi's done with his own energetic verse, it's time for Critch, a Rich Forever Music rapper who never disappoints. Like Wifi, he employs a doubt-time flow for this one.

"Nowadays I been countin' a lot/In the club so I'm takin' a shot (takin' a shot)
I was back in the hood tryna plot/I can't love her, I think out the box," raps Critch, who's recently been revealed as a candidate for XXL's 2018 Freshman list.

Check out "Knots" below. Watch Wifi's video for "25 Lighters" when you're done.

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