On Wednesday night (May 31), Florida sensation XXXTentacion kicked off his Revenge tour in Houston, Texas with openers like Kin$oul, Craig Xen and Robb Banks. Palm Beach rapper Wifisfuneral is another opener on the tour, and on Wednesday, while X was performing, Wifi jumped off the stage to try and crowd surf. But something went wrong, and while he was trying to crowd surf, a couple people started throwing punches at him. He was soon swallowed by the crowd, and in footage that quickly went viral online, he eventually resurfaced, unconscious, and was carried back towards the stage. He was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries before tweeting an update to fans while he laid in a stretcher: "Fuck dem pussy ass niggas dat jumped me WE STILL LIT."

Wifi's DJ Scheme was on Twitter after the show asking fans to help him find out who punched Wifi, and many, including Wifi himself, claimed he was set up by a couple people in the crowd.

On Thursday, XXL talked to Wifi on the phone while he was at his Airbnb in Dallas getting ready for the second show of the tour, and he told us his side of the story.

"First and foremost, I want to clarify that that wasn’t the first stage dive I actually did—that was probably like the fifth stage dive that I did," Wifi explains. "The first stage dive that I did was during Kin$oul’s performance. And the crowd was fuckin’ with it. I stage dived two to three more times during Kid Trunks' set, crowd was lit. They were asking me to come in the crowd. The fans weren’t malicious at all. The fans weren’t aiming to be like ‘You know what, we’re gonna set up this kid’ or 'You know what, we're gonna go to this Members Only show and just fuck up anyone we see.' They were there purely to finally see all of us as a whole together and be like ‘Wow, I can finally say I saw all of Members Only together.’ So the love was there. There was no type of hatred in that building.

"But from start to finish of everyone’s performances, I noticed there were these three guys, and they looked really fucking mad," Wifi continues. "I was like ‘Why they look so mad?’ So I never paid mind to it. I didn’t think that they would do whatever they were doing. So I stage dive again during my set—that’s the fourth time. 'Suicide "Pit' is about to drop and I peep... not that nobody’s turning up, but I just felt like X wanted them to get a little bit more live. So I’m just trying to help turn up my bro’s set just like my bro would do for me. And what do we always do? Fuckin’ front flip, bruh, stage dive. Fuck it, ain’t a time I haven’t done it.

"But when I stage dived I stage dived way too fuckin’ far, and supposedly, exactly where I stage dived, it was close enough for [those three guys] to do exactly what they said they were gonna do. Because beforehand, they were telling everybody, ‘Back up, back up, back up if you know what’s good for you.’ This is everything that a fan is telling me, I don’t know if it's actually real or not.

"Supposedly some guy was telling the other two guys ‘Stand your position.’ So I don’t know if it was a setup for me, or if it was a setup in general for anybody in Members Only for them to make an example, but at the end of the day I’m coolin’, bruh," Wifi shares. "They did all that shit, I was unconscious for a good 10 seconds, woke back up, they slit my head open a little bit, got that shit glued together. I got a couple bruises on me, fuckin’ stood in the hospital for like two and a half hours [and] went right back to the Airbnb. We in Dallas right now and I’m going back on stage."

In the footage that spread online, XXXTentacion is seen quickly asking the crowd who punched Wifi shortly after the whole incident took place, but nobody owns up to it. "What fans are telling me is that [the three guys] fuckin’... I guess they brought a change of clothes with them. And as soon as they did what they did, they changed their fuckin’ clothes and blended in with the crowd and started pointing at everybody else, acting like they were fans. It has to be a setup. I wouldn’t just explain all this just to be an excuse for why I got my ass beat. Like, why would I get my ass beat by my own fans? That makes no sense."

After the show, X was apparently upset with what went down, and as soon as he saw Wifi, he gave the injured rapper props.

"When I met up with X he was like ‘Yo, you’re lit as fuck.’ And I was like ‘You think so?’ And he was like, ‘You took that shit like a man, bro. I’m proud of you. You ain’t squeal, none of that,’" says Wifi. "He was genuinely upset that it happened, but overall he was just happy that I was recovered. Everybody in Members Only was happy I recovered."

Some people online wondered why Wifi was stranded by himself out in the middle of the crowd without any help when he was jumped, but he has something to say about that too. "What I also wanna clear up too, because a lot of people keep saying ‘Oh, well your friends didn’t come help you. They didn't do anything while you were getting jumped.' What people need to take into consideration was that I jumped really fucking far in that crowd," Wifi states. "How the fuck is anybody on that stage gonna go that far, first and foremost? So what, they’re just gonna jump over fucking fans [and] beat the shit out of fans until they get to me? No, that would make no sense, bro. And it’s not like they didn’t wanna help me. Nobody was alert about the situation. X was the only one that knew about the situation, but when X tried to do something about it, his bodyguard said ‘No, don’t handle it. I’m gonna handle it right now.’ And then his bodyguard and my manager helped me."

Regardless of the drama, Wifi still has a new mixtape on the way called Boy Who Cried Wolf that he says is nearly 70 percent done right now, so don't expect any nonsense to disrupt his work flow.

"This shit not knocking me down in any form or way," says Wifi as we wrap up our convo. "This shit is not gonna stop me from making money. So regardless of this happening or not, that’s nothing. That’s an L. I smoke L's."

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