During a new interview with Genius, The-Dream was asked about why he hasn't worked with Drake since last collaborating over five years ago, and he was rather blunt about how the whole thing went down.

On Drake's debut album Thank Me Later, he landed a guest feature from The-Dream for the track "Shut It Down." Makes sense—fresh off a Grammy-win, The-Dream was down to work with a new artist, Drake, on his debut album. But then when Dream wanted to get a guest feature from Drake on a later album, perhaps Terius Nash: 1977, Drake never responded. Because of that, they haven't been on the same track since. He defends his stance by saying he only asks once for a guest feature and then he's moving on.

"I remember when Drake was putting this record ['Shut It Down'] together, I was getting calls after calls after calls like, 'Yo, get on this record!' I said, 'I'ma do the record, man. I'm on tour. As soon as I get to a place, I'ma do it,'" remembers Dream in the clip below. "Then Drake called like, 'Yo, this is how I want it to sound.' Drake, I'm gonna do this record how... I'm gonna do it. And the record came out great.

"I think when the next album came along, since somebody wants to know why we never worked again, I asked him to get on the record and he never got on the record," continues Dream. "So I'm only gonna ask you once, especially if I've already done something for you. So that went through his people and directly to him, and whatever that thing was, then that was it. So that's the end of the Drake and Dream era of a record."

Nonetheless, Dream gives props to Drake and salutes the rap star on his explosive career since Thank Me Later was released in 2010.

You can watch the full clip of his answer below.

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