Kanye West hasn't only faded off the Billboard 200 in recent months, the Louis Vuitton has seemingly disappeared all together. Sure, he's been omnipresent on radio courtesy of Katy Perry's "E.T." and his own "All of the Lights" off of the critically acclaimed, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but 'Ye hasn't exactly been seen much lately. Talk of Watch the Throne, his highly anticipated collaboration album with Jay-Z, seems to have dwindled as well. Just last week there were murmurs that a second single off the LP was slated to leak, but we're still waiting. News of his fashion line surfaced earlier today, but that's just not enough.

His ex girlfriend, Amber Rose, has been discussing their relationship with King and Vibe Magazine, but not a word from Kanye. West hasn't only been quiet on the music front. He's also been (unfortunately) MIA on Twitter for the last two months and a half. His last tweet, dated March 15, was a simple twitpic advertising that "E.T." had reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Yeezy hasn't written a Tweet since February 27. "Stay positive," he wrote.

So, where are you, Yeezy? Let's hope Andre 3000 is close by. This past weekend, one of our XXL Staffers apparently missed 'Ye by a matter of minutes. Word is he stopped by the Submercer nightclub in New York's Soho neighborhood on Saturday (May 28). "You just missed Kanye," partygoers shouted outside of the venue.

Well, dear Kanye. We miss you and look forward to more music, more tweets and hopefully more press in the future. Til next time... —XXL Staff