So I'm on the treadmill trying to get my Gooch on the other day when the iPod shuffles onto Big Pun's "Taster's Choice" skit off Capital Punishment. R.I.P

You know, the skit where two ladies are fighting to ride off the big feller? "She had you last night, Pun," one lady complained. I busted out laughing and nearly bust my ass off the treadmill while listening to the skit. Pun's packing the mac in the back of the AC and his gun fight skit with some dude that sounded like Canibus, were equally funny.

It made me think, though. Emcees don't make me laugh as much these days. Reggie Noble and Eminem used to have some of the funniest lines. Like, there’s plenty of funny characters out there, but it doesn’t appear to translate into lyrics, mostly interviews. Skillz and Phonte from Little Brother definitely have comedic value. 50 is a borderline comedic genius, especially in interviews, Kanye West has some hilarious quotables, Snoop Dogg is a jokester and it's all deliberate. I’m sure there’s more, but for the most part, I'm mostly laughing at emcees rather than with them.

Like, I don't think Dipset means to make us laugh when they're talking all that swag splashing stuff. It's accidental comedy. The same goes for Lil' Wayne. I laugh at him more than with him. Webbie and Boosie, I love those guys, I’m afraid the chuckles may be at their expense.

There used to be balance. The Chronic featured some pretty gutter material, but it was balanced out with some skits, like the “$20 Sack Pyramid” interlude. Shoot, come to think about it, skits suck now. Ye’s funny, but them Broke-Fi-Broke skits weren’t. I can’t remember the last funny skit I heard on an album. They just sound forced now. Dudes need to pick up De La Soul’s first two albums and study.

What do you guys think? Any funny emcees left out there? And what about these damn skits? What’s the last funny interlude you heard? Speak on it.

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