Closed Sessions is a Chicago-based indie label that's home to some of the brightest new faces in music such as Jamila Woods, Kweku Collins and oddCouple. One of the new artists from CS is WebsterX, a rapper from Milwaukee.

He's back with his newest single, “Intuition,” which is produced by Simen Sez. The new record is a preview of his forthcoming album, Daymares, on March 24.

WebsterX spoke in a recent interview about how his latest single came together. “All I remember is jumping out of my chair with this stank face after he started making the huge synths you hear in the song,” he says. “This song also means the most to me because it marks the moment that my debut album is that much closer to coming. I put my all into it and I'm going for it all.”

He previously released a single titled “Blue Streak" to celebrate signing to Closed Sessions last October.

Listen to "Intuition" below.

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