It's been a while since we got new music from Webbie, but the Baton Rouge rapper is back with his latest single, "Smile."

Teaming up with Joeazzy, Webbie comes hard on the new track, tacking aim at his enemies. "I got pictures of killer bitch, I'm itching to kill a bitch/Shoot him all in his ear shit and back to the Beverly/Savage life, ain't gon' never switch 'til I meet the devil bitch," he raps.

Webbie also makes mention of his previous feud with 50 Cent. Rapping over the smooth Gutta Hitz beat, Webbie spits, "And if you ever see 50 Cent, tell him I said whatever bitch."

50 and Webbie's beef stems from an unpaid boxing bet, but the feud appeared to be over when Webbie told TMZ in 2015 that 50 Cent gave him a verse in exchange for paying him. "I told him we don't need no money man, we need some verses, get on my boy song," Webbie said at the time.

Outside of music, Webbie ran into his own trouble over the summer when he was arrested for domestic abuse. According to authorities, the rapper attacked his girlfriend with "a closed fist, an open hand and a belt" and at one point held her on the ground while pushing his knee into her throat.

The artist was booked for domestic abuse by strangulation, false imprisonment, second-degree battery, theft, and simple criminal damage to property.

Listen to Webbie's "Smile" below.

Webbie Music
Webbie Music

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