There’s never a dull moment with Webbie. The Trill Family rapper stopped by New York’s Power 105.1 and chopped it up with The Breakfast Club yesterday (July 17) and once again provided a must-see interview. Webbie started off on a somber note, talking about the Trayvon Martin situation. “That’s the biggest thing in the world right now,” he said. “We gotta pray. We gotta think of a way to keep that kind of stuff from not happening again.” The Baton Rouge MC also touched on his friend and lablemate, Lil Boosie’s current incarceration saying Bad Azz would be home, “Before you know it, everything is going to be wonderful.”

From there the interview bounces all over place, from the BET situation, to how he disciplines his kids, marriage and his altercation in the Chi. Mr. Savage life even talks about his aspiration to command the pulpit. “I think I’m a preacher, man,” said Webbie. “I talked in front of two churches now. What they give you to certify you as a preacher?...I aint go to no school and I’m a preacher, certified.”

Trust us. Check out the entire interview, below.