Is anyone surprised Young Thug is a clairvoyant? No? In a just-unearthed video from three years ago, Thugga laid out his future, in no uncertain terms. Speaking to a publication called Music Connectz Magazine, the spindly savant went so far as to mention Cash Money and Young Money by name, insisting he would work with them shortly. "Wayne, Young Money" was his clipped response to the boilerplate 'What can we expect' question. There was no subterfuge--he admitted that he hadn't been in contact with the label; it was simply something he saw on the horizon.

Thug was speaking to the magazine from the set of the video for his "This Is My Life"--not to be confused with "My Life," the Rocko- and Playa-assisted cut from his I Came From Nothing 3 mixtape. You can see the blueprint: Styrofoam cups, slurred syllables, sharp turns, inscrutable syntax that only makes sense after the street lamps come on. This was Young Thug before he was fully Young Thug.

The rest of the interview is filled with distinctly Thugga gems: "I'm 19. I like rap. I like money, too."; "I been knew how to rap a long time ago; nobody believed in me." It's also disorienting to hear an interviewer ask how Young Thug swung a guest appearance with Rich Kidz, the way Kanye bragging about knowing Talib Kweli on "Get Em High" is so bizarre a decade later.

Now that Young Thug is on (or at least closely affiliated with Young Money), one can't help but wonder what the Atlantan thinks is in store for the next three years.