The images from the Jay Z and Solange scuffle have successfully burned themselves into our retinas, and given the media onslaught over the last week the end is not within sight. 50 cent was the first to provide some comedic relief to this evolving tale of elevator drama by recording a voice-over to the TMZ footage- found but once the dust settles we're sure that there will be no shortage of spoof videos left it's wake.

The freight elevator trip that no one is likely to forget reminded us of another famous elevator scene. Enter Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror classic 'The Shining', starring Jack Nicholson, a freaky hotel, and enough "Here's Johnny" creepiness to haunt your nightmares well into your 20's. The parody mash-up of these two seems logical enough, and most likely many, many, more spoofs are on their way.

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