Brooklyn and Long Beach connect in the latest  episode of Snoop Dogg's "Double G News."

New York veteran Talib Kweli recently stopped by Uncle Snoop's DGN video series to chop it up about hip-hop, parenthood and number of other topics. To kick off the video, however, Kweli and the D-O-Double-G kicked back-to-back freestyles.

During the interview, the two emcees also reminisced about the golden era of hip-hop. Kweli recalled the impact that Gang Starr affiliate Jeru the Damaja had on him as a young hip-hop fan, saying that he thought Jeru's seminal debut The Sun Rises in the East was the pinnacle of lyricism.

"I remember getting excited about certain dudes when they came out...I remember thinking my man Jeru the Damaja, when he dropped that The Sun Rises in the East - it's a wrap," Kweli recalled. "When Jeru dropped you couldn't tell me about [anyone else], I was like, 'That's gonna be the best rapper out.' There's a lot of rappers that I felt like that and that I'm still excited about  as a fan of...that was the era where the rudiments and the essence of hip-hop became the mainstream, so the mainstream hip-hop was Cypress Hill, Onyx, A Tribe Called Quest, Snoop Dogg, and it was like nobody was compromising [their art]. It was just real, real street hop."

Both Kweli and Snoop are gearing up to release new solo efforts later this year. Snoop will release his debut reggae album Reincarnated this April 23rd, while Kweli will drop fifth solo album Prisoners of Conscious on May 7th.

Check out the full interview at the top.

[via HipHop-N-More]

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