Bodega Bamz adds "actor" to his growing resume with the release of his short film The Streets Owe Me. Starring Bamz, his brother/manager Ohla, Joell Ortiz and Cipha Sounds, The Streets Owe Me is a complementary piece to the rapper's upcoming album Sidewalk Exec and features music from the project. Shot in a Tarantino-esque fashion in the sense that the story doesn't run in chronological order, the film opens with a scene where Bamz and Ohla are stuck, bloody and cold, in a bodega freezer before the story begins to unfold. The 12-minute clip moves fast and despite being rookie actors, Bamz and Ohla show promise in their first film project. Check it out above.

Sidewalk Exec is due out April 14 on 100 Keep It/Duck Down Music and boasts features from Flatbush Zombies, A$ton Matthews and Joell Ortiz and was produced in its entirety by V-Don. The album is Bamz first official release for sale and the follow up to his 2012 breakout tape Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z. Check out the tracklist below:

1) Down These Mean Streets
2) Bring Em Out feat. Flatbush Zombies
3) Woopty Woop Blahzay Blah
4) Gods Honest feat. Joell Ortiz
5) Cocaine Dreaming feat. Youth Is Dead
6) El-Rey
7) Invoice feat. A$ton Matthews
8) Raw Deal
9) Killa feat. Lil Eto
10) Billy Bats
11) Everybody Eats (Interlude)
12) I’m Ready feat. A$AP Yams

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