Warhol.ss is back with a new banger. The Chicago rapper returns to drop off the track, "Hate on Me."

War employs Red Drum for the beat. The producer taps into a dark zone, mixing heavy bass drops over dreamy chords. The Windy City rapper can feel the haters watching and he's with all the smoke. "When I'm ridin' 'round all my niggas doin' drive-by's/Privet jet, hop up on a flight we in Dubai," he raps. "Real hood nigga pour a four up in a Nehi/I be switchin' up the swag mix designer with the fila/Real Chicago nigga, need a bad bitch/Ridin' down the block, scopin' for ya bitch/Neighborhood I ain't neighborhood but I'll take ya hood (yah, yah)/We gon' set up shop and then we raid the hood."

The streets have put the  "For Dat" rapper on edge. "And I know these niggas schemin' on me," he repeats on the chorus.

Warhol.ss is part of Chicago's new wave. "My music really different from what came out of Chicago back in 2012, 2011, drill wave and all that," he told XXL earlier this year. He made a name for himself in 2016 when his single "Speed Racer" caught a buzz. He's continued to stay popping off the strength of singles like "Jugg Mane" featuring Maxo Kream and "12ozs." In September, he put out the project Where's Warhol.

His highly-anticipated mixtape Chest Pains should be dropping in 2018.

Listen to Warhol.ss' new "Hate on Me" track below.

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