You have to keep the fans happy, especially the loyal ones. Chicago-born rapper has weathered the storm of people demanding new music from him, namely his upcoming debut album, Chest Pains, which he's been teasing for a while. Knowing that you have to keep the people fed, Warhol lets loose Free Andy today (Aug. 14), a short, high-energy EP. He also recently signed a multi-album deal with Empire as of July.

The EP's title is a reference to those same fans who just want new work from Warhol. "Chest Pains still isn't out and those who know me know I get my name from Andy Warhol so the rest explains itself," he tells XXL. "I just wanted to give the fans a peek into the new vibes I'm bringing into the game."

The project is three songs in length, with Warhol opting to handle business on his own and not bring in any features. All of the tracks are different, but the constant is strength in beat selection and how at home Warhol sounds. The opening song on "Free Andy" is "Layin Low," which he teased long ago and is produced by Kenny Beats, who is an extremely sought-after producer these days. "Ain't Shit Changed" is the work of Young God and "No Excuses" is produced by PJ Pipe It Up and RIP.

Free Andy should hold everyone over, until takes his next step, which he's already prepared for. "Chest Pains is following up right behind Free Andy," he explains. And Warhol has even more on the way. "I am working on my second project as well so we got some wild shit for the people that I know they'll love."

Ahead of Free Andy, Warhol delivered the track "Ankle" featuring 2018 XXL Freshman Ski Mask The Slump God. "Offset with the flex, got these niggas upset/Got 10 bitches, one jet, put that hoe on a stretcher/I be breaking bitches' backs like I put 'em on a stretcher/Undercover with a red nine on my dresser/Ric Flair, nature boy, I be runnin' with the realest/I be ballin' with the bitches, they call me young Skrillex," the Chicago rapper delivers.

Check out Free Andy below, along with its tracklist and cover art.' Free Andy EP Tracklist

1. "Layin Low"
2. "Aint Shit Changed"
3. "No Excuses"

Warhol SS

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