Before tearing down New York City's Webster Hall on 4/20, Waka Flocka Flame made a pretty serious media run and touched on his relationship with Gucci Mane while talking with MTV News. After coming up under Gucci Mane, the relationship between the two fell apart in 2013 after Gucci dropped Flocka from the Brick Squad 1017 lineup. From there, numerous disses were exchanged between the two and the issues hit the courts when Guwop filed a lawsuit against Waka and his mother accusing them of fraud, racketeering, theft and breach of contract.

During his interview with MTV News, Waka was asked about his current relationship with his former mentor and while Flockavelli claims that the two are on good terms, it certainly wasn't a ringing endorsement. "We're always in a good place. I'd just say [from a] business point of view, it'll never happen," said Waka. "Just because a snake's frozen right now, when it thaws out don't mean it ain't gonna bite you...[But] it's under the rug, man. Fuck it. It is what it is."

Flame went on to say that the blowup between the two MCs was overblown and more like a dispute between family members. "It just so happend that brothers are famous," he added. "It's like an argument, you'll be mad at your family [member, like 'fuck her, I'll never talk to her again.' Then a year go by and you're like, 'I miss you girl.'"